Turning Over a New Leaf

Today, I’m letting everything go.  That is to say, for the first two hours of the day I’ll do a great job of letting things roll off my back, and then I’ll forget about my mission until next Tuesday.

I went to the gym today – a key factor in building a business (or at least that’s my theory for today).  It’s the first time back there since the baby was born, and it felt great (awful) and revived me (thought I was having pulmonary spasms) and got me ready for my day (and a shower).  The endorphins said, “Hey, get your now-fabulously-toned-ass on that business-like couch, and get to work on those companies!  You’ll be a millionaire by Christmas!”  Okay, so free high.  But I’m starting anew today, and a big part of that is going to the gym.

My non-profound reason for this new rule is that if you just wake up, make coffee, and sit in front of the computer in your jammies until lunch, you’re far more likely to get down on yourself, and your company.  Since I decided to work from home, I told myself that I had to treat this job like any other: get up, get dressed, go to work, and when it’s quitting time, it’s quitting time.  So I try to stay on a schedule.  (Note: this schedule is frequently interrupted by fallen baby, wet laundry to be put in dryer, lunch that needs making – and eating, break to watch a couple of episodes of Sex and the City – don’t knock it, Candace Bushnell inspires me, and some sort of opening-mail or emptying-the-dishwasher type of work).

I don’t know how it’s happened, but so far (since I quit my teaching job in mid-June) we’ve been able to continue paying our bills.  When I quit, I did it with both of us knowing full well that we were not making enough money with our businesses to support our $4K a month lifestyle.  But we had me quit anyway.  And we just held our breaths as we jumped.  We haven’t made $4K a month since mid-June, so I’m not really sure how it’s worked out… but it has.

So today I’m gonna ride that optimism; that feeling of “we will be taken care of” and “everything will work out”.  I’m gonna ride it all the way to my lunch break… and maybe I’ll remember it again before next Tuesday.


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