You’re Linked In to My Tweetbook!

I have been Tweeting all day.

I never even used Twitter until a month ago when a friend suggested it as a way to get my companies’ names out there.  Now I’m all over dat sh*t, yo.  I am Tweeting my b*lls off.  In fact, I’m Tweeting so much, I got myself four, yes FOUR Twitter accounts: one for our video production company, one for our photography company, one for my mommy blog (don’t knock the mommy blog), and one for this blog.  Suddenly I’ve become the master of signing in, signing out, signing in with another user and password, signing out, over and over and over.  I want to post grumpy baby comments on my photography Twitter, but must hold off until I’m logged into the correct account, and so forth.  It’s confusing, it’s exciting, it’s time consuming, it’s like tweaking (not Tweeting) and I don’t know if it’s helping ANYTHING except my innate desire to be distracted from things I don’t want to do (like looking up locations for us to drop off advertisement flyers for wedding photography.)

Social networking is my big attempt at promoting our businesses to try and get us clients.  I will be all about the social networking until I realize it’s a huge waste of time.  I do my Tweeting daily, my Facebooking daily, and my LinkedIn every Monday.  So far, I’m getting more “friends” and “followers” and “connections”, so I’ll keep at it for now.  I started a Facebook page for each of my two companies, and invited all of my regular Facebook friends.  I’ve got just over one hundred on one, and more like seventy-something on the other.  On one of them, I actually bought one of those Facebook ads to see what would happen.  I kept it small and cheap (cuz remember, we’re tapped out) and spent $20 to put an ad for our photography company on right sidebar of people’s FB pages.  For those of you who are wondering if they’re effective, for $20 I got 23 strangers to look at my company’s FB page, and I got 2 new people to “like” (and subsequently follow) my company’s page.  Is that effective?  That’s up to opinion.  If we had more money, I’d probably do it again.

I’m never satisfied with how many followers or friends or connections I have.  When I first hit 40 followers on Twitter, I thought, I can’t believe FORTY people are FOLLOWING what I HAVE TO SAY!  But then reality set in, and I knew 40 was pretty weak, relatively speaking.  Now I’ve got 259 and for a brief second I thought, “Oh my God, I’ve 259” and two seconds later, “I want a thousand!”  Never enough.  I have become as fiendish with my Twittering as I have with everything else in my life: nothing is ever good enough.  But that’s better left for a therapy session (when I can afford one).

With LinkedIn, I stay away from quippy, snarky humor, and stick to the important info.  I post either an update on our businesses like, “writing a proposal for a wedding” or I post a link to this blog.

This blog, Diary of An Amateur CEO, you see, simply came out of another attempt at advertising our businesses (see the two links to our websites in the upper right area of this screen.)  But it has now blossomed into something more – something I look forward to updating – a glimmer of light, no, a flicker of hope, no, an enjoyable way to distract myself from things that really need to get done.


1 Response to “You’re Linked In to My Tweetbook!”

  1. 1 jaimeclewis October 13, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    So true. There are never enough followers. Never.

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