The Tooth of the Matter Is…

On Saturday morning, I found tooth #1 rearing its beautiful head out of my Monkey’s lower gums.  As she is already 7 1/2 months old, I’ve been getting a lot of the “Ohhh, she’s not teething yet??” and “Ohhh, late teether!” and “I bet you’re glad!” which always comes off a little inappropriately, as I know these semi-strangers are referring to the tenderness of my womanly feeding spouts.

The appearance of her first tooth (not to mention her second, which started poking out this morning) put me into my very own state of nirvana.  At that moment, and for the moments over the following hour or two, nothing else mattered.  Our dwindling bank account, our fights, our crappy neighborhood, our exhaustion, and our general discomfort with life which comes as an overall malaise when you have the aforementioned package deal of poopy things, were no longer a problem.  I was free of ickyness.  Monkey had leapt into the next stage of her life’s development, and I – was – elated.

The stress of starting our own business(s) has been the icing on the cake of one stressful year and a half – getting married, having a baby, buying a house, quitting my job… starting our own businesses – all since March of ’09.  It’s this pressure of making the business work, or else we’ll slowly starve to death on the streets of Hollywood, sitting in front of The GAP, asking for change, so we can buy some really mediocre pizza they sell on Hollywood Boulevard (actually, it’s not that bad, but I’m from New York, so I’m supposed to bag on it) that makes the emergence of a tooth all the more wonderful.

We will not starve… we will not go under… we will not live outside The GAP.  And it’s all because of her tooth.  The tooth itself won’t fix any of our problems, but it is a blatant example of the progression of life that happens no matter how much money you have, how much happiness you’re in, or how much your new business is succeeding.

Really, it’s just that, for a brief moment, the everything of life is simplified into one tiny thing – the beauty and perfection and maturation of the only thing that matters: my family.


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