How to Pack (plus more photos)

How to pack for a work trip that includes 4 climates, 3 weddings, 1 conference, and an 8 month old:

  1. Winter coat (1)
  2. Little pink sweater (1)
  3. Bathing suit (2) – one has watermelons and frills on it, but I won’t tell you whose
  4. Legal pad (1) – plus fancy binder and dividers that appeal to one’s borderline OCD
  5. Baby Tylenol, Gripe water, teething toys, dried oat/wheat/rice cereals (1)
  6. Fancy still cameras (2)
  7. Fancy video camera (1)
  8. Tripod (2)
  9. Shoes that are suddenly too small for 8 month old (2)
  10. Outfits that Grandma bought at the Osh Kosh outlet store (27)
  11. Packing list so you don’t forget anything (1)

We take off for England tomorrow. ¬†Saturday, we drive up to Wales to see family (and do the epitome of reminiscing at the Trefeddian Hotel on the coast that Grammy Iney stayed at for 30 summers) and then continue driving up to Glasgow, where we’ll work for four days. ¬†I’d say we’re excited, if it weren’t for all the laundry, packing, and calming of nerves that has to be done before we leave for the airport at 3pm.

Before we head off into the land of not-so-easy-access-to-the-Internet, I’m leaving this post with a few more photos of our wedding and maternity shoots in NYC:

Now if I can just figure out how to get a baby to go from a midnight bedtime in New York to an 8pm bedtime in the UK (and how to get Virgin Atlantic to upgrade us to First for freeeeee), I’ll be all set.


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