Now With New Ox Flavouring!

I’m sitting here on our hotel room bed, eating roast ox flavored potato chips, a tuna melt panini that looks as though it’s been pressed with someone’s boot, and feeding the baby.  I enjoy tuna best when eaten alongside potato chips, so I’m forcing these crunchy bastards down, but it’s difficult.  I imagine the poor ox who had to die so my grease-covered side dish could taste like him.  (Granted, I think they’re just ox-flavored, and not actually ox-filled).

We’re on a short break right now from our third and second-to-last shoot day.  In our last interview we shot a few minutes ago, I asked the woman with Parkinson’s (who is also a comedienne/actress from Denver) what the worst thing about having Parkinson’s was, and what was the best thing.  She said the worst thing was being around people who didn’t understand PD, because they made her feel different. And then she said her favorite thing about having PD was being different.

I have a cold, our toilet doesn’t flush (well, barely), we didn’t sleep enough last night, and I’m worried we’re going to leave the conference tomorrow without all the needed footage.  But we’re doing well.  Hubby and I are both really enjoying doing this type of work.  We go to a dozen different types of events a day, shoot the necessary footage, interview tons of people from all over the world, all following a very tight schedule with quick nursing sessions with the baby every few hours.  Fortunately, our hotel is right about the conference center (with my mother in our two hotel rooms, taking care of the Monkey) so we just run upstairs to see her.

Speaking of seeing the Monkey… it’s no question that I love this child more and more every week.  When I left hubby downstairs buying our sandwiches while I hurried up the elevator to get the baby, I found myself hoping the elevator would climb to the 11th floor more quickly.  I know some tired mothers would be irritated if they heard me say this, but I always want to be around her.  Granted, I need an hour to go sit at Starbucks by myself every few days in order to maintain my sanity, but I look forward to our breaks from work when I can go visit her, and I’ve enjoyed the times that we’ve been working and we’ve run into my mother with the little Monkey.

Back to the job!  Here are some more photos from the last couple of days:

Impromptu pic of dance class for people with PD

Doing some note taking at a lecture

Nathaniel shooting the coming of the bagpipers

We’re off in a few to shoot a banquet reception about a mile away.  Aside from walking across the bridge to the science center reception last night (here’s a photo from the bridge):

Our hotel and the conference center

… we haven’t gotten out to see Glasgow, as we’ve been locked inside all the time.  But tonight we’re driving a mile away for this banquet.  On the way, we’ll take some shots of the local sites.

Monkey (and Grammy) is coming with us.  What more could I ask for?


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