Help End Women’s Suffrage!

Help End Women's Suffrage - The Man Show

On an episode of The Man Show, Adam and Jimmy set up a table outdoors with a sign that read, “Help End Women’s Suffrage”, asking people to sign the petition to stop the needless suffraging all over the world. Far too many intelligent-looking women signed the thing. Women for whom the fight for their right to vote was won don’t even understand it enough as they sign something condemning it. And as funny as that concept is, how sad the irony was in the end.

Feminism at work - Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg did an interview yesterday at The Women’s Conference in Long Beach, CA, where she spoke about the change in women’s standing in society over the last 150 years, or so.  You might think, “Ah, she must have spoken about how great it is that women have so much more say in government now, not to mention the fact that the Supreme Court, and all lower courts, were filled almost entirely with white males up until just two or three decades ago!”  Well, yes, I guess she said that too. But she also pointed out the difference between her appointment and that of her two fellow female colleagues, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.  In 1993, when Ginsburg was appointed, she won 96 votes out of the 100 member Senate.  She said that had she been nominated today, she would have had a very, very difficult time being voted in.  The point that I got from her comments on the subject was that the Senate is less inclusive with women now, and more nit-picky with who they let in.  What does that say about the direction in which feminism (and our society, for that matter) is going?

Ginsburg won with 96 votes, Sotomayor with 68, and Kagan with 63.  Ginsburg implied that Kagan should have been far more of a shoe-in than Ginsburg herself was, due to her controversial close relationship with the ACLU.  Do these numbers flatter Ginsburg, or do they speak poorly of Kagan?  What if they say neither, but instead say that because there was only one woman in the Supreme Court when Ginsburg was appointed that everyone just wanted to let her in, because it was the politically correct thing to do?  And when Kagan was appointed, they removed the pc-colored glasses and saw her as a racist lesbian?

Curiouser and curiouser…

curiouser and curiouser

Honestly, I didn’t mean to write about all this when I thought of this topic.  What I really wanted to talk about was how so many women are so horribly insecure. It seems like such a huge waste of time to be so uncomfortable/fearful/unsure of oneself when life can be so short.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a stronghold of emotional fortitude.  But the amount of times lately I’ve heard someone say about a woman, “Oh she does that because she’s insecure”, or I find myself forgiving a woman of [really lame] behavior by thinking, “It’s because she’s insecure” does not bode well for today’s modern woman.  This is not to say that getting the right to vote means that women should never be insecure, but what’s the point in having the government believe in your opinions enough to let you vote when you don’t even believe in yourself?  (Or worse, you believe in yourself, but you’re so afraid of other people’s opinions that you spend all your time trying to prove to them what you’re worth).  Anyway, I’m sure this would constitute an entire blog site of its own.  I’d probably call it “Why are so Many Women so Damn Broken – and Other Such Stories” (Again, I’m not exactly excluding myself from this definition either).

Insecure women - Feminism

So what does the insecurity of women have anything to do with that episode of The Man Show or Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments?  In a nut shell?  Every day, women are expressing through their daily actions what Ruth Bader Ginsburg is pointing out about the backlash of women’s rights, which Adam and Jimmy are demonstrating with on-camera proof of the lack of follow-through women have had since getting the right to vote nine decades ago.

Feminism at work - Women's rights

My advice to solve all problems with sexism, the weakness of feminism, and the regression of women’s standing in society (since you asked for it):

  1. Watch more Cosby Show, and less porn.
  2. Watch more theater, and less TV.
  3. Watch out for B*tch Magazine in the bookstore (oh it’s such a delicious feminist journalistic treat)
  4. Watch more BBC World News, and less CNN/Fox (just because).
  5. And watch out for what your little sisters and daughters are learning today, and do what you can to encourage them to feel more secure.

Female insecurity - feminism at work


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