Is That a Stack of Business Cards in your Pocket, or are You Just Happy to See Me??

And now it’s time for Part II of Networking Week

Gossiping or Networking

I had a meeting with a guy I know who’s been very successful in building two separate businesses, including a company that offers tourist videos of tempting resorts for the curious traveler.  His office was simply decorated; just files stacked on the desk, a computer, nice desk chairs, and a shnazzy leather satchel (oh yes, the briefcase for the next millennium), and two stacks of business cards tall enough that they loosely resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  If I knew him even less than I actually do, I would wonder how he got all these business cards.  But if there is anything at all that I know about this young entrepreneur, it’s that the dude knows how to network.

Stack of business cards - Leaning Tower of Pisa

I had a few other meetings while in New York a couple of weeks ago with equally successful people to my entrepreneurial friend, and when I asked them all the same question, “How do you recommend I promote my video production and photography companies?” they all said the same thing: “Relationships”.

Okay, now to start borderline-ADD straying from the point – my sister is doing a prestigious fellowship at a hospital in New York.  She, too, has been very successful.  However, and I hope she will agree when I say, that all of her success as a doctor is due to hard work, focus, diligence, endurance, etc etc etc., and not the amount of business cards she’s traded.  Never once (again, I hope she agrees) did someone say to her, “Well EntrepreMother’s sister, who do you KNOW in the biz who’s gonna give you a hot fellowship, hmmm?”  She worked hard for that fellowship, she applied, and she got it.

Or Are You Just Happy to See Me

But photography and video production?  Well, it may be hard networking, but at least I’m not responsible for people’s lives every time I go to a job…

… or am I?


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