Networking Events: Like a Tupperware Party, Only Not

Kentucky Fried Chicken - business relationships

Every so often, my entrepreneurial friend orchestrates a gathering of like-minded career folk at some up-and-coming bar (or at least it was at a bar when I went) to mingle, network, and make relationships.  And these are no ordinary relationships – we’re not looking to pick someone up here, people!  My hubby and I went to one of these gatherings and found it was the hot spot of name-badge-wearing, professionally-dressed-and-ready-to-shmooze-walkin’, chatty-but-not-too-much talkin’ peoples.  The WHOLE POINT of the event was to get people together to BUILD BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS.  And what a great idea it is.

SexAndTheCity and business networking

On an episode of Sex and the City, Charlotte organized a party that was only for singles.  The rule if you were invited was to bring with you a single friend who you can’t be interested in.  Then hopefully another guest might find them, or you, attractive. There was no passive suggestiveness of this party – the point was to meet someone.  So what if you go to a party that’s exactly the same, but for the purpose of business networking?  Excellent. You go there knowing the whole point is to walk up to a stranger, look at their name tag, and if it says something that applies to your business, you join the conversation.  If their name tag says something else, you simply walk on to the next person.

Ah, if only the rest of life was this up front.


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