10 Ways to use Social Networking to Improve your Business

Social networking for business

Good ideas for using social networking to improve your business:

  1. Blog – not only about your business, but about businesses you come across
  2. Tweet – about your blog and your business
  3. Facebook – create a FB page for your business
  4. Comment – find the blogs for businesses you respect, and leave comments
  5. Friend – find the Facebook pages for businesses that are similar to your business and “friend” them
  6. Follow – find the Twitter pages for businesses you respect, and “follow” them
  7. LinkedIn – post updates about your business
  8. Forum – join forums for like minded entrepreneurs and get active in the discussions
  9. Link – put links within your blog to your business to optimize your site’s rank
  10. Friends – the real social networking- tell them what you’re up to, in case they hear of something for your business

Twitter Social Networking

But is social networking really going to be useful to your business?  Citibank did this study that showed otherwise:

Social Networking for Business Survey by Citibank

I don’t know how useful it is yet, but I can tell you this: social networking is (a) a way to communicate with people you might not be able to otherwise; (b) free advertising; and (c) probably the future, so you may as well jump on the bandwagon now.

2 Responses to “10 Ways to use Social Networking to Improve your Business”

  1. 1 jaimeclewis December 3, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Lots to say about this. When I worked for a marketing firm as communications manager, we were looking into the use of social networking for actual SALES purposes. The truth is, in terms of translating into dollars, social networking doesn’t really work. At least not yet. But so what? It’s doing something helpful for many businesses. I think the businesses benefiting the most are those that are small and independent – the mom and pop shops of yore! Social networking might not sell them more widgets, but it’s a way for them to connect personally to their customers. I guess I’m saying that it’s more the mortar than the bricks.

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