This blog is for all you mothers (and fathers) out there who decided to start your own business.

When my husband and I decided to have a baby, we knew it was time for me to quit my job teaching.  At the time, he was working freelance video editing jobs and shooting wedding photography, and we wanted to run our own business from home.

We knew what we wanted: Spend more time with our new family, not more time spent at work.

So I quit my job, and we started two companies, both of which we run from home: N Johnston Photography, our wedding photography company, and Little Feet Productions, our video production company.  We spend all day with our little Monkey (our 10 month old girl), while my husband does the creative work and I do the business end of the business.

Having written sketch comedy for, some screenplays and stage plays, as well as blogging for a pregnancy website, called, I am a writer, first and foremost.  Hence, my blog.

If you’ve recently started a business, or made yourself a parent, Entrepremother will hopefully be a fun (and maybe even helpful) read for you.

Thanks for checking in!


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  1. 1 blackpoolhealthandbeauty December 2, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. My friend is a wedding photographer based in Blackpool, so can appreciate what you do. Good luck with your venture. best Wishes

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